A Strong Financial Performance in 2007

The financial performance of both the University and the Medical Center during fiscal year 2007 was very strong. GAAP results for the University and Medical Center were positive and net assets in both continued to increase, indicating continuing financial strength. For the University, the ongoing growth in assets, most notably visible in the higher value of the endowment and the aggressive building campaign, will enable it to continue an ambitious set of strategic challenges and opportunities. The Medical Center continued its strong performance, enabling it to advance its programs, technology, and capital agenda despite the unrelenting fiscal pressures that characterize the health care environment. For each institution, the strong results achieved in fiscal year 2007 provide the needed foundation upon which our success in achieving our goals will depend in the years to come.

The complete audited financial statements for the University of Chicago, fiscal year 2007, are available on the Web or by writing the Office of the Comptroller, 1225 East 60th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637.

Consolidated Statement of Activities (PDF)
Consolidated Balance Sheet (PDF)
Selected Statistics (PDF)